Contributing more than a million for the Mid-South is a huge milestone for us. So when City of Memphis Mayor A C Wharton, Jr., and Shelby County Mayor Mark H. Luttrell, Jr., proclaimed Thursday, September 25th, Fuelanthropic Day, we thanked our clients and partner organizations who made it possible with a celebration.

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On Fire, inferno Donates 10,000 Hours of Civic Service

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"To passionately dedicate ourselves to the success of our clients, who empower us to make a difference" has been at the core of our culture for 15 years. Fuelanthropic is the agency's endeavor to make a meaningful difference in our community. In addition to providing work pro bono, inferno grants employees a week of civic time to support those causes and organizations that they embrace. To date, Fuelanthropic has provided the community with more than 10,000 hours of volunteer service.


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Hope House
Mid-South Food Bank
Germantown Community Theatre
Big Wig Ball - Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County
American Cancer Society
Mid-South Food Bank
Grace-St. Luke's Youth Mission Outreach
Big Wig Ball - Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
Soup Kitchen at First Presbyterian Church
Habitat for Humanity



The iconic Fuelanthropic hard hat is a badge of honor among infernites. We award these yearly to employees who use their civic time to enrich their communities. Since inception, Fuelanthropists have volunteered more than 10,000 hours to Mid-South causes. That's a lot of hat head.

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The Habitual


Roofing, putting up drywall, painting, and more roofing are some of the skills Amy Lind has put to work for Habitat for Humanity. Equipped with a hammer and a hard hat, she has helped build six different houses for the organization over the years.

The Compassionate


Joe McLaughlin used his civic time to climb out from behind his desk, and up onto the wall. At ClimBRIDGES, he helped aspiring climbers of all ages scale a 1400-square-foot rock wall. Part instructor and part safety supervisor, Joe made sure that everyone learned, stayed safe, and had an awesome time.

The Go Green


Becca Bolding has made it her Fuelanthropic mission to keep our community clean and green. She has used her civic time to pick tomatoes, clear weeds, and conduct park surveys at places like Shelby Farms and Lichterman Nature Center. You might say she's a nature natural.

The Smiley


Mickey Woodham's contagious laugh has earned her the nickname "Giggles" around the office. And on a couple of Sundays each month, she uses her positive attitude to serve soup with a smile at First Presbyterian Church's Soup Kitchen. Her duties include setting tables, serving food, and lifting the spirits of about 100 homeless men, women, and children.

The Caring


Colleen Radish has skills. And when she's not using them to manage accounts, she's personally planning the next event benefiting the American Cancer Society. She has used her Fuelanthropic time to help plan eight fundraisers, including galas, golf tournaments, and private events.


Music Man

David Zachry used his civic time to volunteer for a week at Christ Church Kids Camp. A musician himself, David was instrumental in coordinating the camp's music component. He brought 50 campers together in harmony, planning their musical activities, from sing-alongs to skits.

The Fundraising


Dan O'Brien served on The Exchange Club Famliy Center Board of Directors for eight years. And for two of those years, he was the board's president. During his time there, he worked to strengthen a culture of fundraising among board members. Because for Dan, ending the cycle of child abuse and neglect in our city is just the beginning.

The Singing


Teri Hanners used her civic time to teach about 100 five-year-olds in the Bellevue Baptist Choir for five years. All that time spent with rambunctious children has definitely prepared her for anything the marketing world can throw at her. And who knows, maybe one of them will be the next Adele.



Lindsey Woodard's upbeat purr-sonality and willingness to get her paws dirty are what set her service apart. Working with Northeast Arkansas Humane Society, Lindsey has helped to connect more than 100 animals with new families.

The Generous


Beverly Hendrichovsky's efforts with the DeSoto Central High School Band hit all the right notes. Traveling more than 4,600 miles and dedicating hours of work to sewing uniforms, she truly puts the “boost” in Booster Club.


Hairitarian for Children

Down-to-earth Liza Routh never gets a swelled head. But she will get big hair for a good cause. This year, Liza used civic time to chare the Big Wig Ball, an annual hair-raising fundraiser for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, and to make sure the event was the biggest one ever. And it was.

The Indie


Always one to support grassroots efforts, Anne Dugan helped coordinate the premiere of 44 narrative and documentary films during the Indie Memphis Film Festival — and she did it all with her trademark smile.

The Benevolent


Trish McLaughlin proves that food can both taste good and do good. She coordinated a holiday event with other amateur chefs that raised funds for the International Children's Heart Foundation.

The Acting


Linda Corti channeled her inner thespian, using her civic time to play the Wicked Witch of the West in Germantown Community Theatre's production of The Wizard of Oz. The play was an opportunity for the cast, made up primarily of children and young adults, to develop a passion for creativity and imagination.

The Handbag


Doretha Jones spends her civic time filling handbags and filling hearts. She and her fellow volunteers buy brand new purses and tote bags, and stock them with day-to-day items for homeless women. The volunteers then present the filled bags at an annual fellowship luncheon for homeless women The Salvation Army Emergency Family Shelter.

The Charitable


Ryan Knoll helped a group of 7th – 12th graders do a mountain of good atop the Cumberland Plateau when he chaperoned a youth mission trip to Sewanee, TN. He and other chaperones from Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal Church led the students as they helped families in need with various home improvement projects.

The Beneficent

Big Wig

When Anna Yarbro started at inferno, she didn't waste any time getting in the Fuelanthropic game. She hopped on the committee for the Big Wig Ball, a fundraiser for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. Her duties included coordinating auction items, setting up for the event, and making sure everyone who attended had a good hair day.

The Big-Hearted

Board Member

Michael Overton uses his Fuelanthropic time to work with New Ballet Ensemble & School. He serves on the Vision/Mission Task Force and provides branding and design services for the school's community initiatives and public performances, no doubt drawing from the extensive experience he gets in his first position, inferno Creative Director.



Fuelanthropists have teamed up with dozens of organizations across the Mid-South. We thank those organizations for welcoming us, matching us with great opportunities, and making the volunteer experience rewarding.